We are Sloka Richmond Design. Our passion is designing unique furniture
and lighting from English oak. Our materials are carefully chosen from trees that have fallen naturally in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. We never
cut a tree down, ensuring that each piece is 100% eco-friendly and ethically sourced. 
After selection, the wood is air-dried in the forest before being taken to our workshop and transformed into elegant, minimalist lighting. Our light bases and weights are gathered from reclaimed stone, and every materialused is chosen to ensure minimal environmental impact. 
The design and functionality of our lighting is inspired by the size and
topography of each piece of wood to best accentuate its organic contours, quirks and imperfections. Sloka Richmond lights are unique and one-of-a-kind, combining natural beauty with a sensitive approach to craftsmanship. 

With our emphasis on the natural weathering and ageing of the wood, our
products bring character and warmth to a wide range of interior styles;
bringing part of the forest into your home, studio or office space whilst giving a second life to forest-floor recovered Sherwood oak.